This is a drop shipping site with a difference! It is both appealing and easy to manage.

Over heads are non-existent! It is fully PayPal integrated and just emails the new order directly to your email address.

It’s a dropshipping site which acts like a middle man. Products are listed for sale from other locations like Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon and Etsy. When a person buys from the site, you just order the product for the website and send it directly to them. You pocket the difference, but hold no stock and pay no shipping fees.

It’s also set up to easily import products from these websites. Simply go to the product that you want to sell on Amazon/Aliexpress/Etsy etc. There’ll be a new button on that listing that you can click, and then set prices, categories etc. It then automatically adds it to your dropshipping site, without you even needing to log in!

It’s a great achievement, and one that can be repeated.